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Take two

After a long long long hiatus, blogging is back on the agenda. After my last post in Jun 2007, I continued on my trip and went to Cinque Terre, Rome, Milan, Interlaken, Kanderstag and Salzburg. A US immigration issue forced me to cut my trip short and head back to the US. Long story – […]

A day of sport

The Formula One Qualifying The day after we landed in Nice, we headed to Monaco to check if we could get tickets for qualifying and the race. The only tickets available were 70 Euros for qualifying and 700 Euros for the race. We decided to be an order of magnitude cheaper and took the qualifying tickets. […]

corrida de toros

Spanish Bullfight. Strolling around the streets of Barcelona, we chanced upon a building that looked like a stadium. Curious, we circled around to the entrance and discovered that it was a bull ring! There was a series of six fights scheduled at 6.30 pm. I looked at my watch – 6.18 pm. The cheapest tickets were 25 E. Rohit […]

Travelling Alone

A lot of folks were surprised, some even alarmed that I was embarking on a two month trip all by myself. Many felt that I was insane, would get bored and homesick. Some questions I had to answer1. How would I be without friends and family for so long?2. What is my motivation for traveling […]

Europe on 50 euros a day

Well, that was my target. But it seems increasingly tougher to achieve. Here is a sample of my expenses for the first day (in euros) Hostel room – 24Subway from airport to hostel – 8Lunch – 10Coffee – 4Dinner – 10Drinks with hostel mates – 12 Thats already way over what I had budgeted 🙂Well, there […]


Many moons ago, I watched a documentary on Discovery that talked about Stonehenge. There is a certain amount of mystery associated with this monument. No one knows exactly how or why this was built. How did they transport huge slabs of stone (that weighed tons) across the country? How did they manage to raise the stones […]

On Europe Soil

So, I am here, finally in London. Leaving the US was surreal. It has not sunk in yet, but the last few hours in the bay area were a little heavy. Its hard to describe – I felt weird leaving the place, yet I was excited to begin a new chapter. “I think you are […]

Nothing is permanent but change

After an arduous six months, some good things have come around. I decided to apply to Bschool last year and got accepted at INSEAD. Why INSEAD? Its a kick-butt school ranked in the top 10 global MBA schools. Financial times ranked it 7th. A lot of other rankings place it in the top 10 Its a […]