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Have you ever known a kid who was sandwiched between two bullies when he was growing up? He would hardly have escaped the torture inflicted upon him by one of the big fellas, when the other giant would be ready to pounce on him. Dilly dallying from one to the other, the kid surely was […]

Vilnius, part two

Uzupis Republic Uzupis is a small, artsy and bohemian district in the city of Vilnius. In 1997, the residents of Uzupis declared themselves a republic with their own president, currency and constitution. They were only half-joking when they did this and so that makes for quite an interesting story. They are all huge art proponents. […]

Vilnius, Lithuania

Among the Baltic states, Lithuania seemed the least similar to Western Europe. Many parts of the country are still devoid of western influence. My hostel happened to be in a residential district and it gave me the chance to see some of the local life in the area. After getting a facelift in 2003, the […]


After 10 days in Eastern Europe, I took a small detour and headed to Stockholm to meet up with my INSEAD friends. Malte was a great host, knew a lot about the city and took us to places only a local could. I also met up with Emily, Marguerite and Tom during the 4 days spent there. […]

Riga, Latvia

Latvia seems like a country that is ready for prime time. It is ready to shrug of the memories of its communist past and head down the path of progress (as the EU defines progress these days). While Estonia seemed ahead in the race to modernization, Latvia is showing every sign of catching up. There are two […]

Tallinn, Estonia

On the eastern edge of Europe, Estonia is known for its endless but beautiful coastline, cheap beer and technology overload. This is also where Skype and Kazaa originated. (They have huge hoardings in the airport that advertise their immense pride in the success of Skype). The people here are very warm and friendly, very tall […]

Take two

After a long long long hiatus, blogging is back on the agenda. After my last post in Jun 2007, I continued on my trip and went to Cinque Terre, Rome, Milan, Interlaken, Kanderstag and Salzburg. A US immigration issue forced me to cut my trip short and head back to the US. Long story – […]

The French Riviera

When I was growing up, cable TV had just made its entry to Indian television. Star TV was a revolution and most of us were hooked on to it. One of the soap operas at the time was based in the French Riviera. I had heard about the lovely Mediterranean coast before, but it was […]

A day of sport

The Formula One Qualifying The day after we landed in Nice, we headed to Monaco to check if we could get tickets for qualifying and the race. The only tickets available were 70 Euros for qualifying and 700 Euros for the race. We decided to be an order of magnitude cheaper and took the qualifying tickets. […]

corrida de toros

Spanish Bullfight. Strolling around the streets of Barcelona, we chanced upon a building that looked like a stadium. Curious, we circled around to the entrance and discovered that it was a bull ring! There was a series of six fights scheduled at 6.30 pm. I looked at my watch – 6.18 pm. The cheapest tickets were 25 E. Rohit […]