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Take two

After a long long long hiatus, blogging is back on the agenda. After my last post in Jun 2007, I continued on my trip and went to Cinque Terre, Rome, Milan, Interlaken, Kanderstag and Salzburg. A US immigration issue forced me to cut my trip short and head back to the US. Long story – but in short, I decided not to bother and went to INSEAD.

The year at INSEAD was fabulous. A lot of my classmates have done an excellent job of describing the experience, so I shall not delve into it. It truly was a remarkable year  that allowed me to experience personal, professional and academic growth. I spent six months in Singapore and four months in France. When in Singapore, the culture at school was to get work done during the week and spend the weekends traveling. We also took some work with us during travel, but tried to limit that down. We visited Krabi (Thailand), Siem Reap (Angkor Wat in Cambodia), Hanoi (Vietnam), Bangkok, Bintan (Indonesia), Hong Kong, Pangkil (Indonesia) and Bali.

In March 2007, I shifted base to Fontainebleau, the French INSEAD campus. From there, I was able to visit Scotland, Barcelona, Dubai, Antalya (Turkey), Normandy and Champagne. It wasn’t just all travel. There was plenty of academics, job search and socializing as well. But I enjoyed travel the most.

Well, now the INSEAD year is over. I have a three month break before starting work in Dubai and it would be criminal to waste the Schengen visa that is valid until September. So I decided to visit the new entrants to the Schengen agreement – the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. I am also going to visit some INSEAD friends in Sweden. So the grand plan is Estonia -> Sweden -> Latvia -> Lithuania -> Poland -> Hungary -> Czech Republic. That’s the plan anyway. The trip may not pan out in that order or in its entirety. Thats the joy of traveling with on a low budget without a schedule.

So, as many INSEAD blogs come to an end, this one springs to life. As I sit here in my hostel in Tallinn, Estonia, I hope this trip is as good, if not better than the one last year. Tallinn is modern yet has a rustic charm. More on Tallinn in a later post – I am off now to explore the city 

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