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A day of sport

The Formula One Qualifying

The day after we landed in Nice, we headed to Monaco to check if we could get tickets for qualifying and the race. The only tickets available were 70 Euros for qualifying and 700 Euros for the race. We decided to be an order of magnitude cheaper and took the qualifying tickets. We were excited ! It was Monaco, that place where the rich and famous retreat to. This race is most hyped up in the F1 calendar. I took pictures of the stall where we bought the tickets. It was probably stupid, but hey – I was in Monaco !


2 days later, we returned to see the qualifying. We had a decent view by the port. Check out this video that I took.

It was a good experience. This was my third F1 race, but the sounds were still quite a lot to handle. It seemed like 100 planes were taking off at the same time. I am glad I didnt try hard to get a ticket for the race. We had reasoned that the track doesnt provide opportunities to overtake and that would lead to a boring race. Thats exactly what happened. The first three to start ended up in the podium.

Monaco as a country did not look as affluent as I had thought. In my mind, Monaco was a place with only huge villas, expensive hotels, crazy casinos and folks that could treat money like toilet paper. It turned out that Monaco has a lot of normal residents. Makes sense – you need a lot of people behind the scenes in order to run a wealthy economy and pamper the actors, sports stars, directors and a huge list of celebrities. I later discovered – out of a population of 40,000 only 6000 are citizens. Apparently, you need to earn above a certain undisclosed number, before you can qualify for citizenship. I am not even dreaming about it now. INSEAD or not !


Later, I walked on the pit lane.


See more pictures in the Monaco photo set

The Unexpected Soccer Game.

That night after got off the bus and walked towards our hostel, we heard a crowd humming and cheering. We had walked by a stadium earlier in the week – what were the chances that a game was on now ! So we walked to the stadium – and sure enough, there was a contest. Nice vs Le Mans . We bought tickets from some kids outside – 10 euros each. Was well worth it. Being a soccer player and fan, I had always wanted to witness an European soccer league. This wasn’t the best league, but its something – its a start.
The atmosphere was great, every move by the home team was cheered. Every move by the opposition was met with pin drop silence. The match was an even contest throughout – both teams played attacking football. The final score 3-3 ensured that we got more than our money’s worth.


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